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[CC] News is a page thats Administrators will update at least once a week. Each update will have some sort of importance. Though it may not relate to Counter-Strike: Source or Garry's Mod.

News #30. 08/29/07 5:49PM

AUTOBAN is definitely making a large difference. Hackers are much less frequent than before, we still get one every once in a while but that is better than the VAC. For what I though we were getting this little program has done a lot.

Also in the previous post I mentioned getting a new server in the future. That may happen far more earlier than expected. I will be donating $9 every month, Soldier will donate at least $10 every month and if HellSing keeps paying for admin that's $15 a month. Enough to afford a 20 man server. Now that is only enough. If clan members would continue to donate we would all appreciate a new and better server.

News #29. 08/28/07 8:48PM

It's been sometime since the last news update. But today I have successfully implemented "AUTOBAN". AUTOBAN is an alternative to the VAC. Since our server is unsecured we don't have the VAC. Causing stupid hackers to get off free. Not anymore. AUTOBAN bans hackers and blocks hacks.

Also... We are considering gettting another server. From what we currently are asking for it would cost $30/Month and would be a 20 man server. Since I'm not made of money this probably won't happen anytime soon so don't get your hopes up. Just say within maybe the next 5 months we may get a new server.

I would love to get a new server as soon as possible so I'm going to ask more and more clan members to donate some money each month. Just remember that even a couple of spare bucks can keep a server up for another month. So for this month we are hoping get a net gain of $35.

News #28. 8/20/07 12:15AM

The server just got another 1GB of RAM. Check it's specs on the Our Servers Page.

News #27. 8/14/07 10:40PM

Chris has got us a second server online. It's 12 man and should work for everyone now that we've configured his router properly.

News #26. 8/13/07 1:34PM

I've added some more to the website. What I added are three images that give you information about our server. But because the server has a dynamic I.P. Address it is not always accurate and I'll have to update it often.

News #25. 01/13/07 1:17AM

Sorry there hasn't been much news recently. I finally got the sounds to work right. Now we have head shot, Knife Kill and First Blood sounds instead of just kill sounds like Monster Kill or God Like.

By Friday the server will be in Beta Stage #2. Beta Stage #2 involves another 1GB or RAM.

When I get a SATA-2 HDD the server will be moved into final stages.

Also I would like to add that our clan now has a partnership with CS Swat. They are a clan that we have merged servers with.

News #24. 8/01/07 4:00PM

Server is now in Beta Stage #1. Yesterday Alpha Stage #3. Yesterday I monitored lag in the server. While playing we found out that the server could hold up to 12/12 people maybe even more with minimal or no lag! That is why the server moved into Beta Stage #1 so fast.

News #23. 7/26/07 2:20AM
Another update regarding the server. When I get back home the server will be moved into Alpha Stage #3. This step will be brief and quick. The server will have a 768Kbps upload speed at this time. During this time I will monitor the lag. Members have called the lag from our current 128Kbps the "Lag from Hell". Also during this time the I will call up belkin and ask them to help me configure my router properly. Then the server will be in Beta Stage #1. After that we will plan the rest of this progress.
We are currently thinking about selling Admin in the server. $5/Month for Basic Moderator. $10/Month for Express Moderator. And $15/Month for Full Admin.

News #22. 719/07 7:18PM

Just a small update regarding the DM mod. I have decided to reinstall it, but once the server reaches Beta Stage #1 it will only be used for surf maps.

News #21. 7/19/07 1:19AM

I installed the Death Match mod. It was fun for a while but it pulled away from Counter-Strike: Source so I uninstalled it.

News #20. 7/17/07 9:59PM

The server was formated about two weeks ago. Today I've installed the Beetles Mod, the Meta Mod and the Mani-Mod.

I'm configuring the Mani-Mod right now. After that I'll work on the Deathmatch mod.

News #19. 7/17/07 5:21PM

In about two weeks our server will be moved into "ALPHA STAGE #2". This involves a bandwidth upgrade to a maximum of 768Kbps upstream.

News #18. 7/7/07 4:33PM
Skullj was promoted to Administrator. Havoc was promoted to Moderator.

News #17. 6/30/07 12:55PM
There hasn't been much news in a while but our server should have a bandwidth upgrade to 512K.

News #16. 6/19/07 3:50AM
Earlier today we managed to configure the router allowing people to connect through the router "solving" our issues. However due to the fact that we disabled the internet to any other computer on the network. Because of this I will have to reconfigure the router and perhaps I can get the server up through the router. Maybe I'll just get a network hub! Not to worry I should be getting faster internet to speed the server...

News #15. 6/17/07 7:44PM
WyteBoiMagic now knows how to run a server through a router. Since I have gotten a new router he will configure it for us so our server will be up more often.

News #14. 6/17/07 5:23PM
We have kicked out some members. Those who hack that is. I would just like to add our clan does not tolerate hacking!

News #13. 6/16/07 9:48PM
Azaingamer quit the clan. Frosty and Riddick recruited some new members.

News #12. 6/14/07 12:13PM
Frosty was upgraded to moderator.

News #11. 6/7/07 4:46PM

Just another small update, we got the beetles mod working. This means that we now have messages that say things like things like "Ultra Kill" or "X is a Monster".

News #11. 6/6/07 11:46PM
Lots of news today. Chris ([CC] WyteBoiMagic) got the Admin mod working. [CC] Riddick was promoted to Moderator.
Also we resolved [CC] Riddick's router issues. He can now connect to games more easily.
The about us page has been updated. We now have pictures to display who we are.
Not to mention that our server specs have been updated. You can view them under server #1 on the server page.

News #10. 6/05/07 10:04PM
Welcome to our newest members. You can see them on the about us page.

News #9. 6/05/07 1:04PM
Remeber those router issues we were having? Well good news, they're gone. Not because we resolved them, but because my router died. This is good news because now we have a running server, but it is also bad news because now I have to share my PC with someone,
So if you want to join, we are now recruiting!

News #8. 6/03/07 5:50 PM
We have yet to resolve our router issues.
And our long time member [CC] Riddick has finally purchased Counter-Strike: Source (Account name: Skullj).

News #7. 5/27/07 3:39PM
Some news has been circulating that we are a "hacker" clan. I, [CC] Beef_Jerky, assure fellow members that we are not hackers. We may have members that hack, but the clan itself is not based on hacking. Plus if we hacked wouldn't we have downloads of hacks and other cheating based tools? So in conclusion, our clan is not based on hacking.

News #6. 5/21/07 4:32PM
Information regarding our servers has been updated. Our servers are now completeley set up and working. We are, however, still working on our router issues. Hopefully by the end of the month we will have working servers.
Also In the news...Welcome our newest member [CC] Azaingamer.

News #5. 5/18/07 8:27PM
We are still working on our router issues. I will keep the due date at 5/30/07. Sorry if it doesn't show up by then.

News #4. 5/16/07 4:24PM
We are currently working on some router issues. We have almost solved the issue for server #1. I have changed the due date to 5/30/07.
Thank you.

News #3. 5/15/07 5:20PM
Server #1 is now complete. It it, however, not up yet. We are working on some issues with our routers. Don't worry by 5/19/07 we should have these issues resolved. And by 5/20/07 our server should be running.
By the end of the month are server will be modified. Therefore it will not be like a regular deticated server. It will state the rules and other information before you choose your side and character.

News #2. 5/14/07 4:40PM
We are currently assembling Server #1. Expect it to be up by 5/20/07. Its better late than never...

News #1. 5/13/07 10:19PM
The [CC] Clan has just become reborn. Actaully at the current moment it is unborn, but very alive. The two of us will do our best to recreate our servers. Hopefully by the middle of the summer we'll have two servers up.
Also in the news. We will be recruiting soon, so if you need to join or rejoin its the time to get your skills back up. We know that we'll have to learn how to use the AWP again.

 2007 [CC] Clan